Quit Smoking With Laser Acupuncture at Community Health & Wellness Center

Our Laser acupuncture treatment is designed to help you quit smoking for good.

Our quit smoking treatment is a non-invasive procedure whereby Laser Acupuncture is used on the body. No needles are used. During the treatment, laser light is applied to specific acupuncture points on the body.

The Acupuncture points chosen for our quit smoking treatment are designed to reduce your cravings for cigarettes and stop the addiction through several different mechanisms. The treatment process of quitting smoking with our method is very safe. Our program uses laser technology combined with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine theory. The treatment has been designed to produce an overall effect of reducing cravings to enable people to quit smoking. This can be achieved by reducing symptoms such as irritability, stress and anxiety, regulating hormone levels, releasing endorphins and promoting general health and well being.

Does this treatment work?

There is alot of research on Acupuncture for quitting smoking with a particular focus on reducing or eliminating addictions. In one study conducted on heavy smoking patients Laser Acupuncture had a 71% success rate. Another study concludes that laser acupoint stimulation does indeed modify the physical symptoms of withdrawal and makes it possible for motivated persons to succeed in overcoming habitual smoking of tobacco.

Cigarette Break

What happens during a treatment?

During our quit smoking treatment a low level laser acupointer is applied to points on your hands, legs and ears. Some clients may feel the sensation from the low-level laser which is described as a warm, pulsating and sometimes tingling. The Laser treatment itself is non-invasive, painless, non-thermal and drug free.

How exactly does this treatment work?

There are many ways that our laser treatment may be working to enable you to quit smoking. One theory is that the stimulation of Acupuncture points on your body sends a signal to your brain to produce large amounts of the feel good (and pain relieving) chemical called endorphins. These endorphins are said to alleviate the cravings for nicotine. Another theory (based on Chinese Medicine) is that Acupuncture points have specific indications and functions. With our selection of treatment points we aim to utilise these indications and functions in order to reduce the physical symptoms of nicotine addiction. We try to reduce factors associated with nicotine withdrawal including irritability, anxiety, short-temper, inability to focus, depressed mood and sleeplessness.