Community Health & Wellness Center's At-Home Care Plan

From making the first chiropractic appointment to finding pain relief, you are central to the process.

You will find that if you engage to the fullest in your care, you will learn to avoid pain-producing situations, find that you advance much quicker, and stay pain-free. Many factors contribute to your healing process and continued pain-free quality of life:

  • Making all the in-office appointments as recommended
  • Knowing fully your spinal pain symptoms
  • Following the recommendations for its relief
  • Adapting your activities of daily living including your job, if necessary
  • Considering limitations that your spinal condition may inflict

Recommendations for your at-home chiropractic care may comprise of exercise, hot/cold therapy, massage, nutrition as well as use of appropriate posture and movement skills.

You will discover that you do have control over your symptom even though there may not be a cure for the condition. You are key to your care. You can regain the quality of life you want and deserve.

Some tips for at-home care:

  • Apply ice, heat or a combination of the two.
  • Rest your back or neck, but don't stay in bed.
  • Return to walking as quickly as possible and then to your activities of daily living. It is best not to linger.
  • Avoid activities and postures that may aggravate your pain.
  • Start basic exercises to stretch your spine and regain range of motion.
  • As you improve, start spine strengthening exercises.
  • Learn how to bend, lift and twist properly so as to not aggravate your pain. Use your legs, not your back.
  • Use good posture.
  • Consider quality nutritional supplements.
  • Wear a support belt if provided.
  • Sleep in a supportive bed, and sit in a supportive chair.
  • Use foot orthotics or heel lifts if prescribed.
  • Have someone help you with massage and/or trigger point therapy.